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Unlock The Power of KPI Based Marketing

More than a hundred years ago, John Wanamaker infamously stated, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don’t know which half.” Today almost everything is trackable. But having the THEORETIC ability to track what marketing channels, offers, sales reps, products is one thing, the actual PRACTICAL implementation is another. [...]

Google AdWords Becomes Google Ads

18 years ago, Google launched Google AdWords to mark the beginning of the digital advertising revolution. Since then, millions of marketers, advertisers and businesses have been reaping the benefits of the great advertising capabilities provided by Google AdWords. Throughout these 18 years, Google AdWords has become the most significant source of Google’s revenue, earning USD [...]

Kids Finance Initiative: Lead Generation Success Story

The Project The Kids Finance Initiative delivers financial literacy programs specialized for kids aged from 10 to 14, offered as an extracurricular activity across a number of schools in the UAE. The innovative curriculum of Kids Finance is designed specifically for this age group and delivered in a way that is engaging, leading to more [...]

Insider Secrets of Lead Nurturing and Sales Funnel

Perhaps the most common objective of all businesses whether small, medium or large, is to generate qualified leads in order to make sales. However, only about 24% of marketers are satisfied with the number of leads. In nowadays digital competition, generating qualified leads and acquiring new customers is not the matter that you can do [...]

Double Your ROI with SEM Competition

Imagine 1.6 Billion people around the world are online almost constantly, more shockingly, 90% of them turn to the Internet when looking for their needed products and services! The question is: If they are searching for a service or a product you provide, can they find you before your competitors? Well, don’t think about the [...]

Starting Your Career Off in Online Lead Generation?

No matter if you work in insurance, real estate or media – do you also sometimes ask yourself “How did I end up in this industry?”. Well, you are definitely not alone. Sometimes – or maybe most of the time – our career path leads us somewhere unexpected. This phenomenon seems to be accelerated through [...]

Heroleads Becomes Partner Of AHK Dubai

The region has always offered great opportunities for German companies. Throughout the years the German Emirati Joint Council for Industry & Commerce (AHK) has been a helpful partner to leverage these opportunities. From May 2013 onwards Heroleads provides strategic online marketing support to AHK Dubai and its member companies. “Over the last decade the internet has [...]