The Project
The Kids Finance Initiative delivers financial literacy programs specialized for kids aged from 10 to 14, offered as an extracurricular activity across a number of schools in the UAE. The innovative curriculum of Kids Finance is designed specifically for this age group and delivered in a way that is engaging, leading to more effective learning. Kids Finance Initiative offers “Entrepreneurship With A Twist” which is the first of its kind in the UAE. Its module has been specially curated based on the skills children need to develop like critical thinking, self-directed learning, self-awareness, and problem solving.
However, the learning field in the UAE market is very promising and fast-growing, Kids Finance didn’t have the opportunity to implement a successful media buying strategy so that they can generate more leads and boost their ROI. What they needed at that moment was to contact Heroleads!

The Challenge
In a country with one of the World’s highest ROI in almost all fields and industries especially education, using social media platforms along with an impressive website will enable any business to engage with more users and build a long-lasting relationship with them. However, Kids Finance wanted more than engaging visitors. They wanted to generate as many leads as possible. The matter that is not easy in a very competitive market like the UAE market. In fact, this project came to us with a challenge, as they were frustrated with the lack of qualified leads coming in from their website — and they knew they could be doing better. Therefore, at Heroleads, our primary goal was to convert online interest and engagement into sales.

The Solution
In our journey to reach our goals, we pivoted on factual targeting tactics that enabled us to reach, engage and convert the right prospects into leads. Through Facebook’s Lead Ads, we created an innovative way to enroll in “Entrepreneurship With A Twist”. Furthermore, we boosted our lead ads with thumb-stopping and eye-catching creatives hand in hand with the following procedures that worked efficiently, achieving the campaign objectives.

  • Deploying a set of hyper-targeted traffic generation tactics using Facebook & Instagram Advertising over a 90-day period.
  • Instinctive tracking to measure the performance of ads followed with regular improvement.
  • Conversion optimization and A/B split testing of key landing pages and in-funnel messaging in order to drive greater lead flow.
  • Ongoing tweaking of strategies and tactics in response to analytics and data.
  • Strong, effective ad copies with compelling content on the landing pages, social media platforms and the website.

The Results

  • Reached +88,871 people across the UAE with total 276,094 Impressions.
  • Generated +300 qualified leads with minimal cost per lead.
  • Drove a 400% increase in course registrations compared to the previous year.