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Grow your business in 2020: Lead Generation by Heroleads

We connect businesses with thousands of leads – every day. Trackable.

A lead is good but but a sale is better. Therefore we analyze your sales funnel from A to Z and focus on maximizing your revenues. At Heroleads we understand that it is often not ONE aspect that brings success but the combination of MANY.

Heroleads is a data-driven performance agency that allows you to measure, analyze and improve measurable results in key areas of your business.

And by “key areas” we mean REVENUE GENERATING areas.

Under our Hero360 program we manage, analyze & improve your:

Media Planning & Marketing

Ads & Ad Copies

Landing Pages

Lead Management

After Sales

Data Utilization

You can only improve what you measure:

  • Do you know how much it currently costs you to generate a new customer/student/patient through an individual channel such as Instagram, Facebook, Google or Print ads?
  • What exactly happens when your receptionist´s phone rings and a potential client is on the other end of the line? And how many inbound inquiries are simply left unanswered?
  • From the people who click on your landing page, how many actually contact you?
  • How much business you are missing out on every month by not leveraging big data analysis?
  • How many of your existing clients would respond positively to targeted ads promoting some other products & services that you offer, too?
  • Are there certain demographic target groups that are more likely to turn into paying clients? And did you ensure that you reach out to them in the most efficient way?




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Heroleads: Grow your business and track your success.

What business are YOU in?

We run high-performance lead generation campaigns for clients across various industries:

  • Finance
  • Education
  • Medical
  • Professional services
  • Automotive
  • Software solutions
  • Property developers
  • Insurances
  • E-Commerce
  • Citizenship by Investment
  • Language Institutes
  • Law firms

Our Hero Clients

Servane Colette
A4M – Conferences & Trainings
Servane Collette, Director
Client since 2014
“Heroleads acts according to your needs and brings you the clients that you want. “

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