Superhero Client Success Coordinator



Superhero Client Success Coordinator



Job Type

Full time

Job Description

Heroleads is looking for a Client Success Coordinator to support our growing organization by handling the following scope of work at our office in Alexandria:

  • Manage Client Projects (Lead Generation across online channels, e.g. Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, etc in collaboration with campaign managers and landing page designers)

  • Orchestrate the implementation of campaigns from A to Z. 

  • Gather information for client campaigns (internally/externally)

  • Gather data insights in Google Sheets, Google Slides 

  • Follow up with project stakeholders on deliverables

  • Improve performance by proactively monitoring performance KPIs and optimize on those

  • Highlight performance opportunities to Client Success Manager and/or campaign managers

  • Analyze data and identify risks and opportunities in campaigns

  • Carry out other supportive work required by our team

Who we are looking for:

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About Heroleads:​

Heroleads enables success. Our client’s success means growing their businesses in the most profitable way. At Heroleads we enable companies to acquire, maintain and retain customers through efficient marketing channels using our unique platform-based approach.

Our analysis- and reporting tools provide a new level of insights to our client which allow return-on-invest-calculations, tracking of media efficiency and sales team performance.

Heroleads Ventures is backed by one of the most successful venture capital companies from Europe, Mountain Partners AG

We’re looking forward to receiving a link to your portfolio & workshop samples + CV at: