What drives success in your marketing - and sales funnel?

We Provide:
  • KPI Tracking
  • Performance Dashboard
  • Opportunity Identifier
  • Advanced Data Analytics
Google Premier Partner Lead generation
lead generation

Your End-To-End Lead & Sales Analytics Solution.

managers dashboard Lead generation

We build dashboards that deliver meaningful insights.

Profit from our custom reports that are designed for your organization. Our HeroAnalytics go far beyond normal marketing insights but provide you with a meaningful tool to make informed decisions and scale your business faster.

We track what drives success in your marketing- and sales funnel.

80% of sales are often driven by 20% of all marketing efforts. Which marketing channels drive leads - and which ones provider better lead to sales ratios?

Lead Generation Data Analysis
LaptopDashboard Lead generation

We analyze data and provide recommendations.

Our team of strategists performs lead generation data analysis - and KPI insights and provides relevant conclusions and advice.

Together we optimize towards Sales and ROI, increasing the efficiency of your sales- and marketing setup.

Building your scalable lead engine
Planning. Execution. Analysis.

Analysis and Planning
Generate Visibility
Generate Visibility
Lead Generation
Clicks Into Leads
Nurture Leads
Nurture Leads
Track and Analyse
Track and Analyse