Maximize Sales Conversions with zero effort
With our HeroAgent TeleSales Team.

Professional Lead Pre-Qualification, Follow-Ups & Sales Support in Arabic & English.

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Your End-To-End Lead & Sales Solution.
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More leads. More bookings. More show ups!

By combining our lead generation services with our trained bi-lingual HeroAgents Telesales Team you profit from an end-to-end solution and increased conversion rates.

Your HeroAgents will go the extra mile to turn leads into bookings and show ups.

HeroAgents: The scalable answer to your Inbound & Outbound TeleSales requirements!

We turn leads into bookings.

Your HeroAgent Team pre-qualifies leads over the phone and books in your future clients for consultations, viewing or online webinars.

Our HeroAgent also provide our lead generation team with insights on lead quality, opportunities within the lead pool.

This unique approach allows your Sales Managers to focus on face-to-face meetings and increase sales.

Lead Pre-Qualification
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We turn bookings into show ups.

Our specialty: Your HeroAgent boost your show up ratios applying various techniques and last mile follow ups through calls or even WhatsApp.

Doubling show up ratios means doubling sales opportunities for your sales managers.

We think holistically and have experienced that this end-to-end approach allows best campaign performance and the highest ROI across our client spectrum.

Building your scalable lead engine
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Generate Visibility
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Nurture Leads
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Track and Analyse