How to generate more marketing qualified leads

Lead generation

They say the more marketing-qualified leads you generate, the more money you’ll make. So let’s generate some qualified marketing leads 💰

Creating processes that consistently generate high-quality leads is critical for any organization’s revenue goals. Ensuring those leads are qualified to be in the sales pipeline is another vital step that requires a significant amount of trial and error, as well as open communication between the marketing and sales teams. There is no specific formula for ensuring a consistent influx of marketing qualified leads (MQLs), but still, there are several tactics you can try that may yield ideal results—more customers and revenue.


What exactly is a marketing qualified lead?

A marketing-qualified lead is a prospect who has taken specific actions to express an interest in learning more about a company’s services or products. Furthermore, the prospect meets a predetermined set of criteria to establish that they are a quality lead. Your marketing and sales teams should collaborate closely to define the criteria.

It’s good to define a target number of MQLs that the marketing team should aim to create on an ongoing basis. All this should take into account the average conversions from MQL to SQL for clients.


Strategies for generating marketing-qualified leads

If you’re starting from scratch, you might want to try as many approaches as possible before determining which channels produce the most MQLs for your organization. The goal is to cast a wide net with several lead generation methods in order to gain a better understanding of how your marketing efforts perform in different sectors. As you track and measure conversions, you’ll want to focus on the channels that are producing the best results. This will give you a better idea of where you should spend the majority of your time and money, and at the same time, you’ll be able to identify what isn’t working for you and offload any underperforming channels.

1- Content promotion
A well-defined content marketing strategy is a magnificent way to generate MQLs at every stage of the buyer’s journey. If you’re already creating content on a regular basis, there’s a good chance that prospects are discovering your company through it.
2- SEO
Investing in a solid SEO strategy can significantly increase MQLs for your organization. The primary goal of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is to steadily increase organic traffic to your company’s website. SEO focuses on quantity and quality so that the leads that come to your website are a perfect fit for your target persona. Keyword research, cross-linking, and repurposing old content are all effective SEO strategies. You can also test the landing pages and forms to develop or improve your SEO strategy and start generating more MQLs.
3- Pay-Per-Click

Paid search, the inverse of SEO, displays ads to leads that your company pays for, but only when someone clicks on an ad. Creating a paid search strategy to increase MQLs does necessitate a budget. However, if your company can afford to start doing it, the results can be promising. Paid search is a highly measured channel, so you can easily identify which ads are generating the most MQLs.

4- Social Media

Depending on your industry, social media can be a magnificent source of leads. One of the most effective ways to connect with an audience is to target them on platforms that they frequently use. Most people dislike being bombarded with pushy ads on it, and aim to leverage social in a way that naturally entices users. Great content isn’t about selling a product or service, it’s all about capturing and sharing relatable moments. Use it to build your brand, then start selling. In addition, social media is a magnificent tool for participating in trending topics that naturally engage your target audience, not everything you post doesn’t have to be about your brand. Extend the scope of your presence to make it more pervasive and inclusive.

5- Customer referrals

Referrals from your customers are almost always the best qualified leads your company can have. Customers who genuinely appreciate your product or service and are willing to share it with others who would benefit are one of your best lead generation channels. If you discover that you get a lot of business from customer referrals, you should consider developing a customer referral or reward program.



Marketing-qualified leads are the lifeblood of any business. By understanding what they are and how to qualify them, you can put your company in a much better position to succeed. 

Have you tried using some of the methods we’ve outlined in this blog? If you haven’t already, using some of these methods to increase your MQLs is definitely worth giving a shot!